You are probably here because you want to know more about our installment payment mode and how it works. Well, you are at the right place!

The Ginnons Installment option is an initiative that was birthed as part of our commitment to providing flexible payment options and ease the financial burden of getting dream gadgets on our customers. It is simple, and straightforward.

However, we understand that circumstances may change, and thus have established the following policy to enable a mutual benefiting business for both parties involved:

1. Adjustment to Suit Market Demand: Upon reaching the final stage of the installment payment plan, the individual is required to adjust the payment amount to align with the current market demand for the product/service being purchased. This adjustment ensures fairness and reflects any changes in pricing or market conditions.

2. Forfeiture Clause: Should the individual decide against completing the payment for any reason, they must forfeit 50% of the total amount already deposited. This clause is put in place to cover administrative costs and potential loss of revenue incurred by the company.

3. Notification Requirement: Prior to making any adjustments or deciding against completing the payment, the individual must notify Ginnons in writing. This allows us to provide necessary guidance and assistance throughout the process.

4. Payment Completion: Once the adjusted payment is made or the decision to forfeit is finalized, the transaction will be considered complete, and ownership or access to the product/service will be granted accordingly.


For further inquiries or to kickstart your payment you can reach out to the official company line (08154354726) via WhatsApp or phone call.

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